In general, a video wall is a multi-monitor cluster, which includes video projectors and television sets, fixed in such a way as to make one big screen.
Deployment of LED signs with proper strategy in your store can draw the attention of audiences to your products and services. Static messages can displayed on a flashing or an animated LED sign
Financial Data can be presented in many different ways, we offer such solutions as: LED Rateboards, Currency Displays, Exchange Rateboards, LED Financial Tickers, LED Share Price Boards, Financi
We can interface to both local or global financial information sources and tie into well known financial feeds such as Bloomberg, FT, Reuters, SKY, Yahoo, Forbes and so on.., this gives the user
Furthermore, they are extremely cost effective than other forms of advertisements. They are really simple to use, as the graphics and animation can be programmed very easily through your compute
When these displays are working, their components (tiles, control boards and power supplier) heats up. This heat is then enclosed to the metal cabinet of each module. This creates a dry and warm
Installing a LED video wall requires good investment. Skimping on the content/ad designer cannot be considered as a wise decision. Designer knows what they are doing and ensure that the ads will