When these displays are working, their components (tiles, control boards and power supplier) heats up. This heat is then enclosed to the metal cabinet of each module. This creates a dry and warm
Video wall technology lets you to interact with your audiences in a reliable way. Irrespective of the content you want to exhibit, video walls enrich the viewing experience, thus promoting inter
Installing a LED video wall requires good investment. Skimping on the content/ad designer cannot be considered as a wise decision. Designer knows what they are doing and ensure that the ads will
Tickers are usually sold by the foot and made on orders. If your room is bigger than five feet, the length of display should not be beyond five feet. So, that means you can stretch it up hypothe
Flexible LED screens provide you the opportunity to put your imagination to work. They are hi-definition LED screens that projects vibrant images because of its outstanding contrast and brightne