The highly reputable Gottman Institute, which conducted the groundbreaking studies with couples, has presented the workshop, The Art and Science of Love, to tens of thousands of couples worldwid
Conflict generates strong emotions and reveals to us and our partner what’s important to us. After all, we don’t fight about what doesn’t matter to us. Conflict invites us to address issues as t
Most likely, underlying issues are having a negative impact on your relationship with your partner. Like the Beast in the fairytale – a cherished, beautiful creature exists within. Professional
Honestly assess yourself to see whether you are contributing to a Beautiful or a Beastly relationship. Remember, the quiz outcome measures where you are now ... set goals to elevate your love!
The Art and Science of Love is a workshop for couples in all stages of their relationship, and has been shown to achieve positive results similar to 6 months of couples therapy. Why? Because it
The executive family council becomes an opportunity to know each other, as well as counsel together, openly and lovingly discussing challenges, opportunities, joys and sorrows. Through these cou
Couples want to know from their partner: "Will you be there for me when I've had a bad day?" "Do I come first - above friends, work, hobbies, your mother, and even yourself?" "Will you act in my